Colin Sanders


Makes a difference by…

I make a real difference for our clients in three fields:

  • Statistical analysis: vast expertise on the latest and best techniques in the field of statistical analysis and knowledge of advanced software packages such as R, Elasticsearch …)
  • The self-developed online survey software and dashboard platform: gives us competitive advantages due to its enormous flexibility and accuracy, with easy access to knowledge for customers
  • deep knowledge on social issues such as pensions

Wants to make a difference in…

Through my research I want to contribute to the public debate on the issues : pension (sustainability of pensions, working longer…) and the relationship between mobility, environment and health.

Made a difference together with…

I believe my contribution has made a difference for the debate on pensions and my support in it for my client Delta Lloyd Life. If you want a glimpse of my earlier work in that field, click on one of the following links:

What can Belgium learn from ‘pension champion’ Sweden?
National Opinion Investigation 2013 on the testament
The Belgian failed the courses Testament and Legacy
Results National Pension Survey 2013

Toughest difference to make…

I’m always torn between, on the one hand, my passion for numbers, IT and analysis (and I’m fully in analytical thinking, playing with big data, programming complex analysis in R, working in Elasticsearch or further programming of my own software for search and dashboards) and, on the other hand, a strong substantive work on the social themes such as working longer, ageing population, pensions and personal finance (pension building, protection) resulting in initiatives such as