Market welcomes Indiville enthusiastically

Even though the new Indiville brand has only just been launched, the reactions from the market are very positive. Many existing and potential clients indicate that our enterprise model and vision closely reflect their preferred way to work with a research partner.The emphasis on quality, provided by a very experienced team of researchers is deemed refreshing in a business that for some

Who makes a difference?

Indiville is a cooperative society (CVBA). This highly flexible enterprise model allows to meet effectively and dynamically  the needs of our customers, as they operate themselves in a rapidly changing market and world.  The founders of Indiville are motivated by a passion for research and in particular by the opportunity to help our customers achieve their goals by providing research-based advice, knowledge and

Indiville, a place where a difference is being made!

New research group for innovative studies on society and politics. As of 15 September, governments, companies and the non-profit sector can call upon the research expertise of Indiville. This new agency, based in Leuven, is  a logical sequel to Indigov, founded in 2004 by Jo Steyaert. Indiville was initiated by six experienced researchers: Jo Steyaert, Anne Borgers, Prof. Dr. Wim Marneffe,


On pense en terme d’équipe, on implique tant le client que les sujets de la recherche, on est proactif, c’est ça notre travail quotidien.  Notre set d’outils et de méthodes participatives sont essentiels pour obtenir cela.

Reaching out for the extra mile and going beyond the market research, that's what I like about Indiville. It's never about the problem. It's about the possibility.