Jurgen Minnebo


Makes a difference by…

Knowing research from both a researcher’s and a customer’s perspective. As a researcher I have executed and presented numerous studies, always striving for methodological excellence. As a customer having commissioned many studies, I have come to understand that those quality standards are self-evident; the added-value of good research lies in clear, sound advice that is immediately usable.

Wants to make a difference by…

Making sure that none of our customers drown in a river that averages 0.5m in depth. Contrary to common belief, statistics CANNOT be used to prove anything. Only bad researchers can prove anything; they tend to drown in rivers averaging 0.5m, however.

Toughest difference to make

For my Ph.D-research, I worked with a panel of crime victims. The set-up was quantitative, but the questionnaires mentioned a telephone number –mine- participants could call with questions and comments. One evening I received a call from a lady who wanted to tell her story. After telling the research-related story, she just chatted on about this and that; I politely listened until after a while, she steered the conversation towards her husband, explaining all his up- and downsides and eventually asking me if I thought she had to give him another chance or get a divorce. I am still not sure what difference I made that evening, but it was instantly clear that no great marriage counsellor has been lost in me.

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