Indiville, a place where a difference is being made!

New research group for innovative studies on society and politics.

As of 15 September, governments, companies and the non-profit sector can call upon the research expertise of Indiville. This new agency, based in Leuven, is  a logical sequel to Indigov, founded in 2004 by Jo Steyaert. Indiville was initiated by six experienced researchers: Jo Steyaert, Anne Borgers, Prof. Dr. Wim Marneffe, Dr. Jurgen Minnebo, Wouter Samyn and Colin Sanders. In short, the accumulation of quite some knowledge and experience.

New, but also trusted and familiar. Even though Indiville is a new name, it combines the expertise of agencies with a lot of experience in the Belgian market: Indigov – spin-off of the University of Leuven, Client Mining, Amajoro and CBM, in addition to the extensive expertise of all our research consultants.

Make a difference. As a new research agency, Indiville wants to make a difference in Belgium and abroad by doing research on social issues: education, Enterprise, mobility, environment, pensions, social welfare, housing,… This aim is achieved by means of an innovative organisational structure, a team of accomplished researchers and a unique mix of experience in high quality measurement, analysis and reporting of data.  Still, Indiville wants to go further by effectively initiating change and improvement. Using participatory techniques, Indiville shares information and research results with its clients; and actively searches for ways and opportunities to cooperate with companies, in order to effect change in society and the organisation of our clients.  Make a difference. It is not an empty slogan, but the DNA of Indiville.